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Hart Inspired - Visions into Reality Series (3 of 7)

August 11, 2022 By Michele Delgado Season 1 Episode 8
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Hart Inspired - Visions into Reality Series (3 of 7)
Show Notes

Welcome to Hart Inspired, the show dedicated to highlighting individuals in their pursuit of authentic leadership. We peel back the layers to uncover the roadblocks we all face, explore the actions we can take, and how to persevere toward the best version of ourselves.

In this series my guests will share how they pushed through the pandemic and other challenges to turn their vision into reality. Their stories will inspire you to leave self-doubt behind to focus on your goals.

Meet Jayda Audrick
For over a decade, Jayda has worked as a celebrity fashion stylist for many actors, artists, TV networks and editorial. After many successful years in the industry, she decided to pivot into the hospitality industry,joining other entrepreneurs who wanted to create their dream into a reality. Her vision included a focus on developing and supporting her local community.

Jayda is the proud owner of Elevate Lounge, NJ a Bar Concierge Service. Her vision is to not only entertain, but create the best experience and fare, her community offers by providing elite private bartending, catering, personal chefs and entertainment for her clients.

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