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Linking the Travel Industry - Week 34

August 30, 2022 By Riaan, Ann & Aash Season 1 Episode 6
Business Travel 360
Linking the Travel Industry - Week 34
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Linking the Travel Industry is a business travel podcast where we review the top travel industry stories that are posted on LinkedIn by LinkedIn members.  We curate the top posts and discuss with them with travel industry veterans in a live session with real audience members.  You can join the live recording session by visiting and registering for the next event.

Your Hosts are Riaan van Schoor, Ann Cederhall and Aash Shravah.

Stories covered on this session include -

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Pedro Castro tells us how Ryanair - Europe's Favourite Airline once again managed to do just that
ATPCO pulled a surprise out of their hat, announcing significant developments in their relationship with Southwest Airlines
Many of the familiar flight routes re-opening, it's worth nothing when routes such as Manchester Beijing resumes
Pictures and videos of passengers having to walk miles underwater in the Eurotunnel after a train broke down
Jeff Kurn from Visa rightfully celebrates the hard work Kim Hamer did to deliver what we all want NDC to be about
Even the busiest airport in the world still manages to keep passengers united with their bags
The change Google made in it's calculations of carbon emissions on flights caused a lot of controversy
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