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Linking the Travel Industry - Week 36

September 14, 2022 By Riaan, Ann & Aash Season 1 Episode 8
Business Travel 360
Linking the Travel Industry - Week 36
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Linking the Travel Industry is a business travel podcast where we review the top travel industry stories that are posted on LinkedIn by LinkedIn members.  We curate the top posts and discuss with them with travel industry veterans in a live session with real audience members.  You can join the live recording session by visiting and registering for the next event.

Your Hosts are Riaan van Schoor, Ann Cederhall and Aash Shravah.

Stories covered on this session include -

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A very strange and as pointed out by many, short-sighted decision by the Israeli government to ban four engine aircraft from March 2023
United Airlines and JFK airport. Stefan Thiel questions the likeliness of this happening. Ryanair - Europe's Favourite Airline with Athens and now also Brussels Airport
In a world ideally focused on how sustainable we can make things, do we still need airline amenity kit
Flyr offers corporates a 50% discount. Desperation or securing a long term lucrative client base?
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