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Linking the Travel Industry - Week 37

September 20, 2022 By Riaan, Ann & Aash Season 1 Episode 9
Business Travel 360
Linking the Travel Industry - Week 37
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Linking the Travel Industry is a business travel podcast where we review the top travel industry stories that are posted on LinkedIn by LinkedIn members.  We curate the top posts and discuss with them with travel industry veterans in a live session with real audience members.  You can join the live recording session by visiting and registering for the next event.

Your Hosts are Riaan van Schoor, Ann Cederhall and Aash Shravah.

Stories covered on this session include -

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Rolls-Royce terminates their working arrangement with Boom Supersonic
Lufthansa wants 20,000 more employees by the end of next year
LH signed a deal with Amadeus to provide NDC content by Q4 2022
In more Lufthansa news, the German government is selling its stake they required in it during the most recent bailout
UK domestic holiday giant Centre Parks received fierce backlash from their decision to close their parks during the Queen's funeral
TAP Air Portugal is going up for sale
AMS Schiphol Airport CEO Dick Benschop steps down as the airport continues to struggle