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What's Up in Business Travel - November 14, 2022

November 14, 2022 By Aash Season 2 Episode 45
Business Travel 360
What's Up in Business Travel - November 14, 2022
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Welcome to the BT360 Podcast: What’s Up in Business Travel for Week 45 of 2022.  This is a weekly podcast where we update you on what’s up this week in the world of business travel.  This podcast is great for those who need to know what’s happening all in less than 15 minutes.

Topics covered during this podcast -

  • United Airlines raises thresholds for status
  • Emirates earns record-breaking $1.2B
  • Plane tickets  prices increase
  • US Watchdog scrutinizes FAA oversight of Boeing 737 MAX
  • Excessive wait times for US visas
  • Hopper & Capital One extend partnership
  • Avianca blocked from merging with Viva Air
  • Reed & Mackay acquires Spanish partner Atlanta
  • Cvent partners with Zoom
  • Kyte raises $60M
  • ITA Airways gets more funding
  • Qantas sells shares in Helloworld
  • FCM expands footprint into Spain
  • Tao opens first hotel
  • Marriott launches apartment-style brand
  • Emirates rejoins Business Travel Association
  • SIA steps up flights
  • Uber adds AirPlus as payment option
  • Bizzabo launches wearable attendee tech
  • Direct ATPI integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • Aeronology offers Scoot

Tune in every Monday morning to get your weekly update.  We hope you will make this a regular part of your week and listen in while you on the move or sitting back and sipping your coffee.  You can subscribe to this podcast by searching BusinessTravel360 on Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, iHeart, Pandora or Spotify.

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