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NoJetStress - Episode 8 | The Road Warrior & Better Sleep

November 16, 2022 By Christopher Babayode Season 1 Episode 8
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NoJetStress - Episode 8 | The Road Warrior & Better Sleep
Show Notes

The NoJetStress Podcast is a traveler wellbeing podcast for frequent business travelers covering health and peak performance on the road as well as to help business travelers maintain optimal health and avoid burnout no matter how much they travel.   Christopher Babayode, a Corporate Travel Wellness Expert shares his insights on Traveler Wellness.

This is episode,  Christopher discusses -

  • The economic costs of why road warriors must take sleep deficiency seriously.
  • Less than six hours sleep carries a mortality risk warning! Fix it.
  • A look at how much sleep deprivation associated with jet lag costs the economy.
  • Wellness investments in things like sleep do good for the individual and build an asset for the company.
  • Where to begin? How road warriors can get good sleep tools.
  • A question: Do you really value sleep?
  • What is your sleep chronotype?
  • Taking care of your sleep hygiene?
  • Making your sleep consistent in an inconsistent world of travel.
  • Tools to help you get good sleep.

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